Like many gardens (and gardeners for that matter), loads of horticultural products don’t really fit into a nice, neat little box. But SGA has rated these products as well, and you will find them listed on our SGA Garden Product Guide – Safe for You ‘n’ Nature which rates products on a 6 star basis below. Where possible,  SGA encourages you to investigate non-chemical home remedies to gardening problems, but, should you need to use a chemical, choose one of the Green UP gang!

Currently we are only listing 6 Star products until we can provide accurate rating for the other products.  You will notice that there are only two products that have achieved a 6 Star rating.  More have a 5 Star rating with relatively low safety and environmental impacts. These and the full list of garden product ratings will be available in a few months as a Web App with details of their active constituents, soil mobility, persistence and bioaccumulation along with information on their toxicity for humans, aquatic organisms and bees.

6 Star-rated Algicide

Stephen Bros Barley Straw Algae Prevention

Other 6 Star-rated product

Balchan Steri Prune Aerosol