As sustainable gardeners, we can lead by example with plantings and design lay-outs supporting biodiversity. Some general rules of thumb are to opt for more complex planting themes (avoid mono-cultural planting), plant to encourage pollinators, seed-eaters, honey and insect eaters. Biodiversity is going for a mixture of natives, exotics, indigenous where possible.

With more formal themes, native plants can be used as features – Telopea, Corymbia, Grevillea & Macrozamia, hedged and pruned plants could include Westringia, Waterhousia, Syzgium, Callistemon & Dodonaea species, and low growing indigenous plants and ground-covers can be used as fillers, borders, and can look stunning. Indeed all the design themes: Mediterranean, Bush, Potager, Asian will accommodate native and indigenous plantings, as well as the traditional exotic plants.

Ensure your garden does not include any invasive species, as common trees and plants are being added to the environmental weeds lists and National/State Declared Weeds registers, all the time. When in doubt, search the national or your state’s government websites on weeds or Weeds Australia.