Market research confirms that sustainable gardening is a significant and growing gardening trend!

The general public is becoming increasingly concerned about environmental issues [1[ and their personal health [2], which is driving significant demand for safer, low environmental impact garden products. Consequently, there is an increasing expectation that gardening professionals are aware of, and are able to deliver environmentally sound solutions in response to customer needs.

SGA’s Garden Product Guide allows consumers to make informed purchasing decisions in respect to their concerns, and increases public confidence in the products they are purchasing and using. SGA actively promotes the use of low environmental impact alternatives through its extensive network.

Through this newsletter, we aim to provide practical and timely information to the industry on the safe and low environmental impact solutions available.

[1] “In 2007-08, 82% of Australian adults (12.8 million people) reported that they were concerned about at least one environmental problem …and over half of adults (53%) said they thought the natural environment was declining”. (Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 4102.0 – Australian Social Trends, Jun 2010, Environmental Awareness and Action).

[2] “There remains a growing consumer interest in purchasing products with health, food safety, environmental and animal welfare benefits”. “The average growth projection [of the organic industry in Australia] for the coming years is 10–15%, reflecting the two years of per annum growth from 2010. (Source: Australian Organic Market Report 2012 – Biological Farmers of Australia Ltd publication)