Environmentally sound product information for gardening professionals and garden product retailers.

Welcome to the first edition of Sustainable Gardening Australia’s industry newsletter, the quarterly publication for professional horticulturists and gardeners needing to keep up to date with the latest in sustainable gardening.

Each edition we will include:

  • A list of safe, environmentally friendly gardening products with low human health impact.
  • A detailed article on an active ingredient of a commonly used garden product.
  • A seasonal pest or disease and a set of integrated pest and disease management (IPM) solutions for dealing with it.

Please note, this newsletter is freely distributed to the gardening industry. In the future, certain articles may be available exclusively through SGA Green Gardening Professionals membership only.

A significant percentage of gardeners are environmentally aware and demanding sustainable solutions. This newsletter provides you with accurate and dependable information, exactly when you need it!

Angelo Eliades, Editor SGA Sustainable Products Newsletter,