Low environmental impact design


What we do in the garden has many impacts on our natural environment.  In thinking about design it is important to consider if it fosters biodiversity, if maintaining it will use more water than our rather arid continent can support, if it avoids contributing to the spread of invasive plants, if it will need pesticides or herbicides which will enter stormwater and pollute waterways.  Here are some tips to get your garden on the sustainability track right from the beginning.

When establishing or renewing gardens, the first thing to do is to develop a concept of the layout and what you want from the garden.  Do you really want or need an expanse of lawn with beds for shrubs just around the edges?  What are the features of gardens that contribute to sustainability? There’s lots to consider – low environmental impact materials, water conservation, provision of habitat for wildlife, energy efficiency to name just a few.

Here are our posts about some aspects of design:

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