Soil Series – How soil health affects pests volumes & food nutrition levels

19/03/2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Early Bird $25. Full Price $30
Teresa Day
Soil Series - How soil health affects pests volumes & food nutrition levels

We have had soil wrong for a long time. Find out how to get it right! We know that soil is the fundamental building block for life on the planet, yet we have managed to lose two thirds of the glue, called humus, that holds our soil together and keeps it healthy. Soil health plays a major role in all manner of gardening challenges and successes and this session will enthuse you to actively grow soil. Soil humus levels should be at 5% of soil volume, but with an average level of a paltry 1.5%, we need to lift our game. Why? Lifting the humus level by just 1% will increase the water holding capacity of 1sqM of soil 200mm deep by 17 litres.

This talk will explain how increasing the humus levels not only helps water retention in the soil you grow your vegetables in, but can affect the amount and frequency of pests that invade your patch and the density of nutrients in the food that you produce. The hour-long session will also show you some simple ways you can test the health of your soil and provide you with some practical approaches you can incorporate to help your crops be pest free, nutrient dense and full of real flavour.

This session is taken by Craig Castree and is part of a Masterclass Series “Growing the Foundation Soil Series”. Other topics include – Perennial Food Growing, No Dig Gardening and Mulch and Organic Matter Application Explained, Biochar 101.

About the presenter – Craig Castree is an award-winning Horticulturist of 45 years’ experience at growing his own food organically and creating edible gardens. He is a Published author 5 books all pointed toward being self sufficient on an urban block. You will have no doubt seen him on channel 7TWO on Vasilis Garden as one of the regular presenters, or heard him speaking on 3AW, and on 88.3 Southern FM, or read his articles in the Royal Horticultural Gardeners Gazette. Now see him here…..