Resolution #4 -Water-Wise Gardening: Thriving with Less

22/01/2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Early Bird $25. Full Price $30
Teresa Day
Resolution #4 -Water-Wise Gardening: Thriving with Less

We all appreciate the crucial role of water in garden success. Especially in Australia, the driest habitable continent, where water availability is historically constrained. In this masterclass session, let us help you achieve your incredibly important resolution to use less water.  But still grow ample.

Explore the art of capturing, storing, diverting, and efficiently using water, especially in times of drought and flood. By managing water wisely, we not only ensure healthy, productive gardens but also secure our water sources for the future. We will explain how the role plant play in the water cycle.

This session unravels the principles of garden zoning, the characteristics of plants thriving in dry climates, and the importance of organic material and mulch in enhancing soil’s water-holding. Discover the most efficient irrigation methods and gain insights into capturing and storing rainwater with swales, rainwater gardens and downpipe conversions. Learn about the ins and outs associated with greywater usage.

Leave this session with the knowledge to create a water-savvy garden that reduces your water use and prepares you and your garden for extreme weather conditions, be it intense heat or excessive rainfall. This session is one of five in a Masterclass Series “New Year, Greener Garden”. Other topics include – Establishing a compost; Garden Journalling: Slowing down and tuning in; Resource Smart Gardening – Being Thrifty; Sustainable bounty – growing enough.

Discounts – Book Series Package for discount $5.  Friends of SGA receive a 15% discount on all Master Classes. You can become a Friend of SGA here and GGPs receive a 30% discount.

Presenter – Teresa Day Learning & Training Manager SGA. A home gardener for over 20 years, a chicken keeper and forager she has a particular interest in personal sustainable choices and lifestyle changes individuals can implement within their home and garden to reduce their carbon footprint and connect better with their local community.