Resolution #3 – Resource Smart Gardening

20/01/2024 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Early Bird $25. Full Price $30
Teresa Day
Resolution #3 - Resource Smart Gardening

Let us help you on a sustainable gardening journey with our inspiring session, perfect for those resolving to use fewer materials and create less waste this New Year. Understand nature’s waste-free principles and apply them to cultivate a beautiful, eco-conscious garden that light on material use.

Discover practical tips on becoming more thrifty by eliminating single-use items, repurposing materials, and even crafting your own. The session emphasizes the importance of prioritizing ‘Reduce and Reuse’ before ‘Recycle’ and explores how simple, reclaimed materials can inform creative garden ideas and projects. Learn to source quality materials and avoid potentially harmful ones, and understand the significance of using the Earth’s limited resources in your garden wisely. The session will showcase a number of platforms you can use to source materials, saving them from landfill and reducing the need to buy new materials embodied with energy and carbon. Join us on this thrifty venture, to transform your garden into a sustainable oasis, making a positive impact on both your garden and the environment.

This session is one of five in a Masterclass Series “New Year, Greener Garden”. Other topics include – Establishing a compost ; Garden Journalling: Slowing down and tuning in; Water-Wise Gardening: Thriving with Less; Sustainable bounty – growing enough.

Presenter – Teresa Day Learning & Training Manager SGA. A home gardener for over 20 years, a chicken keeper and forager she has a particular interest in personal sustainable choices and lifestyle changes individuals can implement within their home and garden to reduce their carbon footprint and connect better with their local community.

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