Resolution #2 – Garden Journalling – Slow down and tune in

17/01/2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Early Bird $30 Full Price $35
Teresa Day
Resolution #2 - Garden Journalling - Slow down and tune in

If your new years resolution to spend more quality time in the garden, then look no further. This masterclass on ‘Garden Journalling’ is your key to unlocking a deeper connection with your very own patch. In this 90 min long immersive experience, we invite you to set aside your gardening tools and embrace the art of garden journaling. By slowing down and tuning in to the nuances of your patch, you’ll discover a wealth of insights waiting to be unearthed. Gardens, as silent teachers, impart lessons in patience, perseverance, and perception, along with a profound understanding of the surrounding environment and all living things within it.

This masterclass will encourage you to record your observations, creating a personal chronicle that will transform you into becoming an aware gardener. The process will help you recognize mishaps, pitfalls and patterns that will empower you to make informed decisions for the upcoming gardening seasons and whatever they may bring.

Bring your own garden treasures—wander through your garden and grab a seed pod, leaf or flower, pick up any items to make a mark – pencil, ball point pen – anything you have and get ready to be inspired by garden journal extraordinaire Bethan Burton to start a journal that is visually stunning and an informative masterpiece.  It will fast become an essential tool to help you on your gardening journey throughout 2024 and beyond.

Join us on this creative venture, to see what can happened when we pause to appreciate the wonders within our own patches of earth. Let’s make 2024 a year of mindful and meaningful gardening.


Presenter: Bethan Burton is an artist and environmental educator from Brisbane. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Conservation Biology and a Master of Environment majoring in Education for Sustainability. Bethan is the founder of International Nature Journaling Week and the host of Journaling With Nature podcast. She teaches nature journaling to all age groups and is passionate about connecting people with the natural world.


This session is one of five in a Masterclass Series “New Year, Greener Garden”. Other topics include – Establishing a compost ; Minimizing waste, through recycling and other thrifty approaches; Water-Wise Gardening: Thriving with Less; Sustainable bounty – growing enough.