Master Class: Seed Cycle – Germination through to Propagation

19/06/2023 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Online via zoom
Early Bird $25, General Admission $28
Master Class: Seed Cycle - Germination through to Propagation @ Online via zoom

Possibly one of the most difficult gardening skills, but the most rewarding, propagating seeds was once very much a life skill passed on from generation to generation. Focusing on vegetables and some fruits, this session will help you access this lost gardening wisdom. It will teach you what to provide and the conditions needed for seeds to germinate and take root,  as well as the importance of observing and tuning into your garden to help you nurture healthy bountiful seed.  Allowing your vegetable and fruit plants go that extra step further to complete their life cycle, which can look very organic and unruly, but you will learn that you need to be organised and careful to ensure your seed stays true to form and has good integrity. Seed saving is a very complex skill and with the rise of seed libraries and the need to build community resilience, it’s becoming an essential one. Start your journey here.

Presenter: Teresa Day

Teresa is the Learning and Training Manager at Sustainable Gardening Australia. With a passion for all things sustainable design, community development and environmental education.  Teresa is also a avid home gardener, chicken keeper and forager keen to show how sustainable choices and lifestyle changes can be implemented.

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