Master Class: Growing Garlic from Clove to Harvest

01/05/2023 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Online via zoom
Catherine Fallon
Master Class: Growing Garlic from Clove to Harvest @ Online via zoom

In the same family as the onion, chives and the leek, garlic has been used for millennia for culinary and medicinal purposes, though a garlic mouthwash is not recommended for obvious reasons! Originally from Central Asia, it has a history of being used all over the world.

Across a ten month time frame you can take a crop of garlic right through from clove to harvest!

Presenter:  Joey Rochford

Joey Rochford grew up on an organic garlic farm in northern NSW, before heading off into a teaching career – albeit racing home to the garden every day. In 2016, she joined the Pop Up Garlic Farmer program then began growing an annual crop of garlic on a borrowed patch of land. Whilst completing her studies in Horticulture, she joined the team at Northcote Nursery, looking for excuses to get customers growing garlic. Combining her teaching background with her horticultural knowledge, she was coordinator at the Royal Children’s Hospital Garden Program, providing horticultural therapy to young and adolescent patients. Meanwhile, the garlic crop continued to slowly expand into Plants Bandit Garlic. Finally she faced her lifelong denial, and now has a garlic microfarm of her own, growing chemical free garlic and other burgeoning crops in Central Victoria.

Gain some further insights into the process of growing garlic through organic farming practices. During this webinar you will hear about first hand experiences of growing garlic at home, as well as on a small scale farm. We will delve into some detail on how to set yourself up for the best success or production levels, alongside common challenges to keep an eye out for!

Growing it yourself from local sources reduces the food miles that your bulb travels and also ensures you are more likely to enjoy the flavour and reduces chances of chemical sprays being used.

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