Soil Series – Biochar 101

21/03/2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Teresa Day
Soil Series - Biochar 101

In this Biochar 101 session we will explore the history, use, creation and application of this material to keep soil healthy and grow food. Discovered in the Amazon, biochar soil called Terra Preta (black soil) helped the indigenous civilisation maintain soil fertility in largely infertile soils. So this form of charcoal which is becoming increasingly popular is nothing new, its has been used for 1000’s of years to help implore soil fertility.

This session will explain why, what we can learn from this and how to use biochar in our own gardens. More specificaly, this workshop will explain the benefits biochar provides for both plants and soil, how you can make it at home, will point to some good references and discusses the potential for its use at a larger scale in agriculture including how it can help reverse global warming.

This session is presented by Adrian Whitehouse and is the last in the Masterclass Series “Growing the Foundation Soil Series”. Other topics include – No Dig Gardening, Perennial Food Growing and Getting deep with soil – How soil health effects water retention, pests and produce nutrition.

About the presenter – Adrian is a climate campaigner, permaculturalist and keen organic gardener with a strong interest in food growing and tree propagation. Adrian’s interest in biochar began when he saw a doco about it on TV. Since then he has attended numerous biochar conferences, visited large scale working plants in Australia, as well as making and using biochar at home and running biochar workshops. Adrian formally trained as a botanist at Melbourne University.