Soil Chemistry & Plant Nutrition to Grow – Master Class

28/03/2023 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Online - Zoom
Early Bird $25, Standard $28
Catherine Fallon
Soil Chemistry & Plant Nutrition  to Grow - Master Class @ Online - Zoom

Hear about Michael’s journey with soil chemistry and growing, and how the introduction to agronomy and plant nutrition has influenced his growing practices. The talk will cover information about growing healthy plants with strong immune systems as well as how to measure this. It will also discuss how to make and use amendments, including compost and why this is an integral factor in growing healthy plants, as well as highlighting some common mistakes most gardeners make when working/feeding soil.

In summary, this talk is about tips and tricks for growing healthy disease resistant plants time and time again, increasing yields, minimising inputs with inexpensive amendments, measuring plant health & why balancing soil chemistry must be at the forefront of our aspirations as sustainable gardeners.

Michael will also provide an example of how they managed to grow full sized garlic cloves in the great inundation that was spring 2022 despite rust being present as early as August in some areas.

Presenter: Michael 

Michael is a multidisciplinary horticulturalist come organic market gardener with experience in natural areas restoration & management,  and placements in two separate botanic gardens.

Michael currently splits his time across two roles, the first, as Farm Manager on Remi’s patch – a no-till, biointensive market garden. The second as a co-owner and operator of Plenty Valley Produce – a minimal till agroecological wholesale farm, set within a share farming structure on Walwa Park farms. Here they implement a multifaceted agriculture system building soil carbon, increasing biodiversity and producing affordable, local, organically grown produce for companies such as Ceres Fair Food.

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