7 Sustainable Gardening Talks – Summer Series

17/01/2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Edendale Community Environmental Farm
30 Gastons Rd
Eltham VIC 3095
from $122

Note: This is a series of 7 Sustainable Gardening Talks over 7 weeks in Summer. What a great New Year’s present for someone who loves their garden.

If don’t want to attend all the talks, you can buy tickets for the individual talks by clicking on the title of each talk below.

Talk 1. Water Smart Gardening – Thursday 17 Jan 19

Water is critical to a garden’s success. As we experience hotter and dryer summers, we need to be mindful about how we use water still while helping our gardens to thrive.

In this talk Richard will discuss design, maintenance and watering options for you to consider at home that will help reduce water usage while  supporting a healthy and productive garden.

Talk 2. Garden Pests – A Dance with Nature –  Thursday 24 Jan 19

Your garden is the home for many types of insects – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

In this talk Richard will look at how to use nature to strengthen the balance within your garden allowing you to minimise unnecessary chemical use. We will discuss mechanical, cultural, biological and low impact chemical controls to help you manage your garden pest problems.

Talk 3. Attracting Birds to your Garden – Thursday 31 Jan 19

The variety of birds attracted to our urban gardens seems to be decreasing but there are some simple changes you can make to your garden to make it a more inviting habitat to visit.

In this talk Richard will discuss how to change your garden and invite birds to take up residence once again. He will cover the fundamentals of a habitat garden incorporating the important habitat elements of food, water, shelter and nesting places.

Talk 4. Indigenous Plants for Food, Fibre and Medicine – Thursday 07 Feb 19

The Australian bush provided the first nations people all the Food, Fibre and Medicine needed to thrive in this unique country.

In this talk Richard will introduce you to some of the local plants used by indigenous Australians and inspire you to grow them in their garden.

Talk 5. Preparing your Garden for Autumn Harvest – Thursday 14 Feb 19 – Valentines Day

While summer is at its peak and its too hot to go outside in the garden, spend some time  planning your veggie garden for the autumn harvest.

In this talk Nicole will cover autumn maintenance activities, what veggies to plant and how to help them produce a bumper harvest.

Talk 6. Garden Weeds – A Dance with Nature – 21 Feb 19

Weeds are the bane of the home gardener but also a serious threat to local native flora and fauna. Weeds compete with preferred plants for space, light, nutrients and water and often are designed to win the battle.

In this talk Nicole will cover identifying and control weeds using an integrated approach that minimises negative impacts on the environment. She will also talk about some edible weeds.

Talk 7. Thrifty Gardening – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the Garden – 28 Feb 19

Waste is a growing environmental challenge that we can all do something about. Remember, there is no waste in nature and we can apply this thinking to our own lives and gardens.

In this talk Nicole will inspire you to use more recycled materials in your garden, helping the environment while making your garden more beautiful, unique, functional and productive.

About Richard Rowe

Richard an experienced trainer, community facilitator, passionate home gardener and worm farmer, experienced trainer and community facilitator. After a long and successful corporate career in finance and sustainability, Richard now focuses on environmental education for both adults and school children and on the local food movement.

About Nicole Griffiths
Nicole is a qualified teacher with over ten years of experience as an educator and presenter. She has a particular interest in edible gardening and has worked with both school and community kitchen garden programs.