Made up primarily of volunteers, we have 6 very part-time and casual staff.  Together we are a vibrant and capable team.

Key Volunteers


Dr. Sharron Pfueller, Former Monash University researcher and educator, environmentalist and sustainability advocate. Background in biochemistry, immunology and environmental science.


Adrienne Crabb, Human Resources and Database Administration  (Humanities and teaching, office administration, accounts and customer service)

Bruce Plain, Advisor to Bulleen Art and Garden, retail nursery management

Jeff Phuah, Webinar Delivery, Recording and Editing (Information and Communications Technology professional)

Megan Hallowes, Garden Industry (GGP program) Writer, Member Support and Event Assistance (Newspaper journalism,  Cert 3 retail nursery).

Penny Plain, Office Administration  (Office management and travel)

Jane Rollinson, Garden Product Guide database (Horticulturalist and former IT manager)

Isobel Brownbill, Communications and Social Media Manager, (Former IT specialist and current experience in community liaison)

Employed Staff

Richard Rowe, Training and Learning Coordinator (Professional trainer, former accountant and manager)

Dr. Colin Allison, Garden Chemicals Scientist (Backgrounds in analytical chemistry, climate change and measurement science (previously CSIRO), database management. Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute).

Maree Kiefer, Garden Industry (GGP program) Coordinator (Tertiary qualified horticulturist, retail nursery management, garden design, office administration, web content management)

Nicole Griffiths, Educator and Masterclass Coordinator (Tertiary qualifications in Education, Psychology and Philosophy. Former School Teacher)