corianderDo you have brilliant ways of using recycled material in the garden? Or garden material elsewhere?

Are you one of those people who inspects carefully what others have thrown out on their nature strips before hard rubbish collection days for things that can be turned into “treasure”? Have you put them, or your own castoffs, to good use in the garden?

Send us photos of what you have done, along with a description, and we will publish as many contributions as possible in a series of web posts featuring your ideas and achievements.

Photos of your creations will, of course, also appear in our electronic newsletter Cuttings and also on our Facebook page from time to time.

There will be book prizes for the three most innovative.

All ideas, constructions and photos must be your own work.

Send photos by email to by 21st August, 2014, and include the statement:
I certify that this example of recycling and the photo are all my own original work.

Include your name, address and contact details.