A series of 3 hour training sessions each with multiple presenters and discussion. Your chance to meet experts and learn about practical changes you can make in your garden that will benefit the planet and you.

The sessions below have been held previously – MORE coming in 2017!

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  1. Hello to all, I am newish to gardening. I purchased my first home about 1 and a bit years ago. I am putting a fishpond in with a creak that gos to a duck pond. (all up about 20m long) it will have a pump that filters the water from the ducks to fish. I want to grow Water Chestnuts in the creek part. My Question is, If I plant them in old plastic shopping baskets and put them in the creek, will it work? What worrys me is the fish water, is it safe to use? Bacteria wise. Any answers or ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks all

    • Oh by the way I’m in Mt Gambier SA. That’s about half way between Adelaide and Melbourne close to the cost. So it’s cold nearly always. Not snow mostly frost and ice on some winter mornings

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