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SGA is committed to inspiring, empowering and connecting individuals, communities and organisations to contribute to sustainability through gardening.  Volunteers are vital to our work!  We would not exist without them.

Volunteer Roles Needed

Graphic Design Assistance

General Office Support

IT Support


Contact us at hr@sgaonline.org.au or phone 03 8850 3050 if you are interested in any of these positions.

We welcome all skills and backgrounds; you don’t need to be a gardening guru, your creativity and commitment are all we need.

If you are interested, please complete the form below.

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Example areas: people coordination; sustainable gardening training; knowledge sharing and inspiration; neighbourhood groups and community building; building the SGA community (including telephone contact); research & development (back yard or big issues); Green product guide; writing sustainable gardening articles; office administration; promoting the SGA cause; building SGA database of gardening professionals; building a community gardening database; public events/festivals including events management; campaigning and lobbying; fundraising.
Examples skills/experience: gardening (including landscaping); community building; environmental organisations; training skills; office administration; social media and web; events management skills; accounting or accounting software; fundraising & not-for-profit; people skills (e.g. retail or call centre); IT skills; entrepreneurial & management; legal.



Privacy Statement: SGA is committed to your privacy and abides by all privacy laws. All information you provide us with is confidential. You may request to be removed from our mailing list by contacting us at any time. Thank you for your support. Any queries can be directed to the Volunteer Coordinator on (03) 8850 3050.

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