Sustainable Building Materials – Discovery Master Class

17/09/2017 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Templestowe College
7 Cypress Ave
Templestowe Lower VIC 3107
Starting at $42
Richard Rowe

Simple garden structures can make the garden a more comfortable and productive space, can protect plants from the elements, can contribute to a harmonious garden design, and can help attract wildlife and beneficial creatures. However, all too often the materials and techniques used to build these structures can cause environmental damage.

Many common commercial building materials can be toxic, energy-intensive, impact the environment when mined or manufactured or can be sourced from old-growth forests. Construction can also contribute to carbon emissions or damage to your garden and local environment.

You can reduce these consequences through careful design, selecting environmentally friendly materials, by being creative with waste products and by using simple techniques which minimize earthworks and transportation.

Join Drew in a Discovery Master Class where you will learn about:

  • Energy intensity and other environmental impacts of building materials
  • Identifying common secondhand timbers and where to get them
  • The properties and typical uses of different timbers
  • Bricks, pavers, slabs and other masonry items
  • Earth and straw building in the garden
  • Using sheet metal and other scrap in garden structures and ornaments
  • Designs and materials for creating micro-climates

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