Partnering with Chooks in a Sustainable Garden / Backyard Farm

22/10/2017 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Templestowe College
7 Cypress Ave
Templestowe Lower VIC 3107
Starting at $42
Richard Rowe

Are you interested in finding out how to partner with chooks in your backyard to help create and manage a sustainable garden / backyard farm?

Join SGA and Drew Barr at Templestowe College to learn all about how chooks can be used to do hard maintenance work in the garden, in addition to giving you beautiful golden eggs.

Topics covered in this Master Class include:

  • Definitions of Free Range and what you can do in a back yard
  • Chook Tractorings – What is it and how to use one in your garden
  • Chook Tractors – Design options
  • Reclaimed materials needed to make  a chicken coop / tractor
  • Chook behaviour and habits and how to utilise them in the garden
  • What chooks eat and where they get it from
  • Chook feeding systems – fodder crops / slab culture / stick culture / sprouting grains
  • Using hay as a bedding medium
  • Managing weeds and running grasses with chooks
  • Using chooks to make fertiliser and compost
  • Predator protection

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