Jan 012017

January is here! Wondering what to do in the garden? What vegetables and herbs should you plant? It’s the start of the New Year and whether it’s time for a little rest and relaxation after a manic December; or you have a New Year’s resolution to spend some quality time with your garden; it’s  time to get out in your patch!  While we have been distracted with festive things, our patches have probably suffered a little and are in need of some serious loving right now. We have loads of  tips that will encourage your garden to flourish in the sunshine of Summer. Continue reading »

Jan 012017

Did you know that the environmental impacts of concrete are out of control and that the carbon dioxide produced from the production of concrete are a close second to fossil fuel emissions?  Did you also know that concrete is the second most consumed substance on earth after water?

Alison Aplin, award winning landscape designer (Winner 2014, 2016 Landscaping Victoria ‘The Sustainable Landscape’) tells why she refuses to use concrete.  Continue reading »

Nov 272016

Life really start ramping up festive wise at this time of year, and things are certainly starting to bear fruit in your patch, its December! Hopefully you’ve already put in loads of produce plants but it’s not too late to get some more growing, especially if you’ve had the pleasure of already harvesting some plants.  Keep up the good work in the garden –  despite the rising heat there’s still plenty to do this month in your patch.

And if you’re heading off on a trip this break, read our tips on preventing “holiday-itis” in the garden.  It’s an all too common occurrence that can turn the most beautiful backyard into a garden grave in a matter of weeks! Give your garden the gift of a bit of your time this December… you’ll be so pleased you did! Continue reading »

Oct 302016

As population and cities grow, houses on traditional quarter acre blocks are becoming more expensive and you may only have the option of renting or choosing a living space with a smaller footprint. For many this might mean forgetting about a garden, but it doesn’t need to be so. It is possible to have verdant growth and even a thriving veggie patch in small spaces and in ways that allow moving it all when you need to live elsewhere. Continue reading »

Oct 302016

As our climate warms and the frequency of very hot days increases, the risk of plants being damaged increases too. It’s good to start thinking about this before the really hot days hit so that you are ready with your defences. There are some simple, sustainable and cheap methods of giving your plants some protection – you don’t need a special shade house, just some ingenuity and a bit of forward planning so that you are ready when the heat arrives. Continue reading »


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Sep 292016

All hail the awesome avocado – key ingredient of the greatest dip/side dish/condiment on earth, guacamole (see Helen’s recipe at the bottom of this fact sheet)! Apart from being amazingly tasty, avocados are good for us – high in vitamin C, chock full of anti-oxidants, great for our skin and a good source of beneficial mono-unsaturated fats. Oh, and they are a great liver cleanser and may also help prevent hair loss due to their high content of folic acid. Is there anything this fab fruit can’t do?

An earlier version of this article by Helen Tuton appeared in 2009. We have recently updated it and also added contributions from AUSSIECITRUS. Continue reading »

Jul 272016

katewallgate850The vegetable garden is a flop, the drought tolerant plants turned up toes as soon as the summer rain came so I planted plants that like water, and my husband ripped out my favourite native shrub because it had thorns. It sounds like exactly the opposite of sustainable gardening doesn’t it?

If my garden doesn’t exactly fit the mould, what claims can I make to being a sustainable gardener?

Kate Wall tells us about her gardening journey, revealing to us that there is more than one way of creating a sustainable garden. Continue reading »

Jun 272016

Just beginning to garden on an empty piece of land?  Or making over an existing one? It can be confusing if you consult magazines or websites to know where to start since many, even SGA’s, have articles on single topics without an indication of which are more important. Phil Mackie and Gwen Kestrel give us tips on what to focus on right from the start.

They each garden in different climates and with very different plants. They’re co-workers for an online company, but they bonded over shared hobbies, including gardening. They believe that sustainable gardening without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers should be the goal of all gardeners.  Although their gardening backgrounds are different, their crops vary, the pests and diseases that threaten their crops vary, they’ve found strategies that are absolutely true for each of them to have the healthiest garden possible. Continue reading »

Green Thumb

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May 282016

green thumb3

Do you have a “green thumb” or aspire to one?  Do you think that people who have a “green thumb” have just been born that way?  Jane Ryrie, a keen gardener, gives us a humorous insight in her poem. Continue reading »

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