Apr 272017

While the southern parts of Australia have donned winter pyjamas and flannelette sheets, the northern states are still revelling in warm, and mostly sunny autumn days. Regardless of the conditions in your little patch of paradise, there is still loads to do this month. Get set for those produce plants that need the cooler weather to grow. Continue reading »

Apr 272017

Every garden is sometimes afflicted with pests – grasshoppers, cabbage white butterfly caterpillars, scale and aphids being very common.  Is it always necessary to use a spray, either bought or home-made?  Just having certain plants in your garden can help repel insects or confuse them with their strong scent.  If they are planted near susceptible plants they will contribute to keeping insects at bay. Continue reading »

Mar 282017

The perfect month for chocolate lovers and practical jokers alike, April is also a top time to get into the patch! There is a little bit of rain around, the weather is cooling down, and shed loads of stuff is ready to plant! So, don’t be a bunny, get into gardening this April! Hop to it! Continue reading »

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