The principal purposes of Sustainable Gardening Australia are:
–  the protection and enhancement of the natural environment to ensure its sustainability; and
–  the provision of information, education and the conduct of research about the impacts of gardening on the natural environment, soil conservation, water quality, biodiversity and ecologically sustainable development.

These principal purposes are enhanced and supported by the following purposes:

–  to continually improve the gardening practices of all Australians to minimise environmental impacts at local, Australian and global scales
–  to reconnect people to the natural world through gardening;
–  to encourage responsible gardening practice and design to lead gardeners to respect the earth and the reality that we share, not own the land
– to encourage local food production to minimise “food miles” and their environmental impacts
–  to provide advice to the gardening profession and home gardener on sustainable practice;
–  to ensure people develop an understanding of their connection with global communities and the impacts that gardening decisions about chemical and resource use have on the natural environment well beyond their neighbourhood.

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