Nov 272017

Life really start ramping up festive wise at this time of year, and things are certainly starting to bear fruit in your patch, its December! Hopefully you’ve already put in loads of produce plants but it’s not too late to get some more growing, especially if you’ve had the pleasure of already harvesting some plants.  Keep up the good work in the garden –  despite the rising heat there’s still plenty to do this month in your patch.

And if you’re heading off on a trip this break, read our tips on preventing “holiday-itis” in the garden.  It’s an all too common occurrence that can turn the most beautiful backyard into a garden grave in a matter of weeks! Give your garden the gift of a bit of your time this December… you’ll be so pleased you did! Continue reading »

Nov 272017

An inspiring talk was given by Dr. Charles Meredith at SGA’s Annual General Meeting recently.  He is a highly respected ecologist with extensive experience in natural systems and conservation biology, is a trustee for the Trust for Nature and a councillor on the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council.  He founded Biosis Research, Australia’s largest ecological and heritage consulting firm, from which he retired 5 years ago.

His talk discusses how biodiversity is under threat throughout the world for a range of reasons and at a range of scales, nowhere more so than in urban and peri-urban environments.  Examples of losses over the last 50 years in Victoria set the scene. He addresses the need for active biodiversity management at larger scales and how an expanded concept of ‘gardening’ might be needed to achieve this. Then, examples of unexpected survival of biodiversity in greater Melbourne reveal how home and professional gardeners can contribute to the maintenance or even the improvement of local and regional biodiversity.

Oct 252017

We’re always being told to eat more fruit and veggies and get more exercise with this diet or that exercise program. If the thought of donning the Lycra and heading to the gym has you reaching for the chocolate cake, what about green gym? Get out into your sustainable garden for your daily workout. Sustainable gardening is not only good for the planet; it’s good for your health. There are more and more people using their gardens and growing fruit and veggies to help manage chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Think about all the weeding, digging, mulching, planting, and raking you can do in your garden. Wow, what a workout. Not only that, your sustainable garden is a great mood booster, so it’s good for your mental health as well.

Make November your month to start your green gym in your patch! Continue reading »

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